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The Ultimate Hunting Experience

Nestled In The Heart Of Wisconsin’s North Woods Our 1,500 Acre Whitetail Hunting Ranch Is Certain To Give You The Ultimate Hunting Experience Of A Lifetime. See What Our Past Hunters Have To Say About Their Trophy Whitetail Guided Hunting Experience At Apple Creek Whitetails.

Luxury Stay in a Rustic Setting

From the moment you arrive, we’ll do everything we can to make this the hunting experience of a lifetime. Our 5-Star lodge was built with luxury in mind, while also sporting rustic design. From the amish made log wood furniture, to the massive beams used to construct the building, the lodge is sure to impress and leave a lasting mark on our hunters.

One of a Kind

A hunting experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime.  Book your 3-Day guided Hunt with us today.
Want More Information For The Hunting Experience Of A Lifetime? Give Our Hunting Guides a Call, We Would Love To Talk About Hunting! 

The Thrill of the Hunt… The Ultimate Experience

I came home with that monster buck.

Apple Creek Whitetails Specializes in Monster Bucks A few years ago I made the decision to book a hunt with ...
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We definitely got the bucks we were looking for

Looking for Bucks in the Right Place Roy from Texas came up with his hunting buddy Ray hoping to harvest ...
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Very Satisfied with the Lodging, Staff, and Food!

I found out about you guys through Facebook and you guys looked like a five star operation. Been up to ...
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A Privilege to Meet Some of Our Facebook Fans

Two Facebook Fans and Two Great Bucks It is always a privilege to meet some of our Facebook fans.  We ...
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I Really Enjoyed My Stay With You.

I found Apple Creek on the internet and it looked very comfortable.  I’ve been to a lot of places that ...
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Everything There Was Top Notch!

Thank you for all your hospitality and accommodations during my hunt. My father and I had a blast hunting Apple ...
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Something about the Ranch Stood out to Me

I made my first hunt at Apple Creek Whitetails the second year they were open. While browsing through an ad ...
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You will see Deer!

I have been going to Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch for the last 6 years, getting to hunt with my husband ...
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5-Star Lodging

Hidden in the middle of our stunning Wisconsin whitetail hunting preserve completes the ultimate trophy hunting experience. You will be treated to luxury service by both our staff and lodging amenities. Our lodges are outfitted with hand-made amish log furniture, and our lodges are built with massive rustic wood beams to outline their structure. This beautiful setting is then completed with home cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; prepared by our on-site chef fresh everyday.

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Sunlit picture of the beautiful main hunting lodge at Apple Creek Whitetails
Gather around the campfire just outside our Log Cabin and Hunting Lodge to share hunting stories with our guides
Handcrafted amish furniture is a staple highlight of the main hunting lodge
Experience homestyle cooking in our main hunting lodge at Apple Creek Whitetails

North Woods of Wisconsin

We are located in the heart of Wisconsin, just 45 minutes from Green Bay. This places us in arguably one of the most beautiful regions in Wisconsin, and provides us with some of the best midwest hunting there is to offer. We manage our hunting preserve down to the finest detail, from maintaining our vast network of trails, to updating and planting new food plots every year to ensure we are providing only the finest nutrition to our local whitetail population.

1,500 Picture Perfect Wooded Acres

Over 1,500 beautiful acres of hunting paradise located in the  North Woods of Wisconsin.

5-Star Lodging

An incomparable lodging experience right in the middle of our beautiful hunting preserve.

Incredible Bucks

You target the class of trophy buck you wish to hunt up to over 330″!

On-Site Taxidermy

Professional taxidermy of your trophy located on-site, next to the hunting lodge

How the Dream Hunting Experience Began

It all started with a huge chunk of Northern Wisconsin land that had all the markings of prime whitetail habitat including variety of pristine landscape and an entrepreneur who bought several herds of deer with 30 generations of breeding big on big. He asked the question of many hunters, “What would your dream whitetail hunting adventure look like?”  Every tradesman that came to build the now famous Apple Creek hunting lodge got to add their two cents and their excitement to creating a whitetail hunter’s dream.

Do you like to hunt the pines, the swamps, the hardwoods, the valleys, the ponds or the fields? How about a different location morning and evening for three days and from the hunt stand of your liking! Our guides were the type that grew up in the woods and they have one aim when it comes to you.

“Make someone happy”

Since our family came from the food business, trust us, not only will your eyes like what they see in the woods, but your taste buds are going to be delighted with the Apple Creek experience too.  Imagine sharing in the camaraderie next to a massive wood fireplace or a family room full of rocking chairs.  Maybe you prefer a quieter loft nook and a smaller conversation. Are you the type that prefers mid-day with fishing pole in hand? Can you say trout ponds just outside the door? And when you retire to your private room, the beauty and comfort you find there will make you feel right at home.

Hunt Variety in Abundance

Would you like to stalk, sit in a tree stand, how about nestling in a pine bound ground blind, or would you prefer a warm comfortable box blind? Do you like to hunt the long lanes or the food plots, the valley or sit atop a hill or on the edge of an open field next to a swamp? We know you do! Ever heard of a Chevy Blind? Truck that is! Tall red pines, colored maples, winding brooks, hidden ponds and snowy woods are all on the list of what you can experience at Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch. It’s no wonder why so many of our hunters go home with more than they came for!

Name Your Weapon

We never insist, we just ask, what is your weapon of choice? Would it be a bow, crossbow, rifle, or a muzzle-loader? If you’re that good with a sling shot, knife or axe, we’d love to meet you!  Just keep in mind that if you injure it, you bought it. Your personal guide will be outfitted with a smart phone scope mount to capture your hunt of a lifetime on video.

Other Activities

It might be nice to do some fishing, or take a walk and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Maybe you want to sneak around the woods in the Bad Boy Buggy or mosey over to the taxidermy shop located just steps from the pond-side lodges. Perhaps you want to get a tour of the whitetail breeding operation and get your Christmas shopping done in our store.  Most likely you’ll want to join the guides in the processing room as they expertly cape out your whitetail trophy. You will surely enjoy the evening videos and re-telling of the weeks hunt stories in the main lodge rocking room. One thing is for sure, you are with new friends and there is always someone to challenge in a game of pool, cards, darts or story telling. Find one of our nooks and get some rest; reflect on the beauty of nature and the joys of a deer camp that was made of the dreams of hunters.

Trophy Whitetails in Rut

July is an exciting time at Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch. Why?  Because we have a good idea of what these monster velvet racks are going to look like hard-framed and ready for the Fall rut. Imagine come Fall a thousand Does in 1500 acres. Now envision a wide frame, tall tined, well balanced buck or freaks of nature on the move seeking those Does. Ever seen a white deer in the woods? Can you say mass? Come see for yourself what your grandpa’s grandpa hunted when he went out. The fabled bucks have been preserved in the beauty of this Northern Wisconsin Whitetail Hunting Ranch. Come make your dream monster whitetail hunt come true.

Great Camp Food

You’ll be thinking the minute you sit down to dinner, “this is deer camp food!”  Yes it is!  At Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch you are on the American plan and we like to say we have a bit of food pride. Our owner has roots in the food business and quality at the center of your plate is our gift to your taste buds.  Besides, you’re going to need your strength to chase those elusive whitetails.

Luxury Lodging

We put ourselves in the boots of every hunter to design spaces that would make our guests feel comfortable and welcome. We knew you would want a private room and bathroom.  We just dreamed a little further when we designed this hunters haven. Which of our three lodges tickle your socks off?


The Complete Mount Package

All that might sum it up for most any whitetail hunter, don’t you think? Well, there is more. We have an on-site taxidermy shop that you can visit and get ideas as to how to mount your trophy whitetail. Let Steve show you his art and you tell him how your dream looks on the wall or free-standing in your man cave. Maybe you want to take home a whitetail ass mount so you have something to show for the story of the one that got away.  If you choose Apple Creek taxidermy, one of our guides will deliver your Apple Creek trophy mount to your home in the Continental United states.  You and your friends can see every mount in the trailer.

Where Do You Go?

But where do you find this kind of ultimate hunting adventure? How do you actually put it together and experience it for real – not just imagine it?

Apple Creek Whitetails

Come to the people who share your passion in experiencing the beauty and excitement of the outdoors. Come find the place that puts as much emphasis on the important aspects of the whitetail hunt as you do. You will grab hold of your dream at a place that shares your dedication to preserving and enhancing the land and the love of the hunt. You come to Apple Creek Whitetails, where you’ll find all that and much more.


Apple Creek Whitetails – Enhancing the American Whitetail Hunting Experience

Ready for the Hunting Experience of a Lifetime?

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