Planning for the Hunt

Planning for the Hunt

Planning for the Hunt

A key factor to a successful whitetail hunting trip is the planning and preparation that goes into it beforehand. This consists of getting quality food material out in the field, trail cameras positioned properly, and the ideal hunting locations scouted and setup. Although it seems like hunting season was only yesterday, especially for us here at Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch, it is important for us to prepare for the season to come. Spring and early summer are ideal times to begin planting new food plots and begin scouting new hunting locations.

Not all of your outdoor whitetail related activities in during the seemingly dry period leading up to the hunting season need to be geared towards the hunt to come. There are activities that allow you to still dwell on past hunting seasons. Shed hunting can be an exciting activity that gets you out of the house, but also gives you the opportunity to get a better feel and layout of the land. Perhaps you can locate the antlers of the monster that got away, or maybe even something larger! If you are able to locate a fair amount of the sheds waiting to be found, you will be able to better understand the potential animals around for the coming season. Additionally, outside of keeping the sheds you find as trophies in and of themselves, you could turn them into beautiful antler art pieces or use them for decoration.

Although we all look forward to opening day to begin our trophy whitetail hunt, sometimes a little predator control on the side can be a good thing. Not only can you save some whitetail deer fawns, but you can also hone in and refine your hunting skills and tactics by going after some coyotes, raccoons, and bobcats. Always ensure you are in line with your states regulations though!

The time for whitetail hunting will be upon us soon enough. There are plenty of different things you can dedicate your free time to that keep you both out of the house and trouble. The woods are calling your name!

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