Turnip - Your Hunting Success

Turnip - Your Hunting Success

Getting that trophy whitetail buck that you have been scouting all summer is sometimes not the easiest task come fall. That is why we call it hunting! Getting a killer food plot that is sure to have the deer coming back time and time again should be one of your priorities before the hunting season hits. Everyone has their own special something that they put in their food plots to help increase whitetail attraction. Something that we have repeatedly used here at Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch are turnips. We have multiple turnip food plots that we have been cultivating for years, and they are always a hit with the deer. Turnips are awesome because deer enjoy both the leafy top side and the taproots (turnip) under the ground. This keeps them active in your field and out of your tulip garden! As an added benefit, you can share the spoils of the turnips with the deer and serve some of them up yourself for dinner. Providing your local deer with a food plot of turnips will allow them to help maintain a healthy diet, give them a place to come back to, and ultimately increase your chance of a deer harvest come hunting season.

You can book your own personalized hunting adventure today. Visit Apple Creek Whitetails here to ensure your spot for the 2017 hunting season.

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